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Sunday Funday at Che Tito's

Che tito's steakhouse in North Fort Myers

As any typical Brazilian, I absolutely love steakhouses and if there is a culture besides mine who can make fantastic churrasco is Argentinian.

Che Tito's Steakhouse in North Fort Myers was the pick for this Sunday's family date evening out.

To start off, the dinning area is very large and it even features a long bar with 3 tv's.While there be sure to take a look at the cool wine glass chandelier.

One thing that I will say is that the restaurant isn't very kid friendly. They didn't have kid's cupes nor any plastic cups, even though they made it work with a soup to go cup, I feel they can definitely invest on making the environment more inviting for children. Now, let's get to what's really important: THE FOOD! I started off with the provoleta as an appetizer, which is a "provolone type cheese, cooked over coals until browned and bubbling. The end result is golden brown shell sheltering gooey queso goodness mixed with tomato sauce." It was also served with a delicious portion of garlic bread so you can dip in the provoleta. The pair is just an explosion of taste in your mouth!

As for the main entree, the Parrillada for two was the winner. Here's what it comes with :

Argentinian sausage, Blood Sausage, Short Ribs, Flap Meat, 1/4 chicken, Crispy intestines and sweet breads,Pork Loin, Chicken Breast and Salad and/or soup along two sides of your choice.

Be sure to try the chicken soup as it is absolutely amazing! Everything was pretty tasty, however, I did not get any sweet bread, maybe they forgot it. Also, the crispy intestines were way too crispy and pretty burnt, definitely not my favorite.

The rice and french fries, on the other hand, were very good and the amount of meat that comes in this meal is enough for 6 people to eat comfortably, the sides on the other hand not so much but plenty for 2. I must mention that all of the meat is brought on a mini grill that contains hot charcoal to maintain it hot as you eat.

Overall, the service was good, the environment is nice and I had a great experience. Definitely recommend this place.

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