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DIY Breastmilk jewelry

Imagine being able to preserve a moment that you cherish most in your life ? Wouldn't it be amazing? And that's exactly what breastfeeding is for me, a moment that I cherish, a moment that I can remember when my child and I bonded most.

Turning my breastmilk into jewelry is a great way to preserve that memory and that process is as easy as 123. When I heard about Lackto and their DIY breast milk jewelry kit I found the concept amazing and had to give it a try. But honestly I got my kit a couple of months before giving birth because I really didn't want to miss out on the chance of forgetting to get it and not do it.

I finally had the chance to do it and I am so happy about it!

Lackto's kit comes with everything that you need to make a beautiful piece of jewelry out of your breastmilk at the comfort of your own home. Here's what's included.

  • a silicone mold

  • solution A

  • solution B

  • a plastic pipette

  • an acrylic spatula

  • a sandpaper

  • a pair of plastic gloves

  • a plated link

  • a manual

  • a cardboard box

What you should know before purchasing the Lackto kit:

  • It does not come with the necklace but it does come with a pendant piece to attach it to the breastmilk mold

  • It will require a 48 hour waiting period for mold to dry

  • You can make up to three molds with one kit

  • Breastmilk mix cannot be stored for later use

With one kit solution you can make up to three different molds, however, they must be done at the same time as it is not possible to store the mix. Lackto has beautiful molds to choose from such as Small Drop,Bubble Heart, Mother and Baby, Twisted Heart, Tree of Life, Foot, Girl , Boy and more.

You can also have the choice of gold, silver, white gold and rose gold plated for the pendant.

How to get discounts on the Lackto DIY kits and products?

If you can wait to purchase the tickets when there is a sale then you can get the Lackto kit for up to 70% off.

Here is my tip for you, sign up for their newsletter to get updates about when their products go on sale. For example, during breastfeeding month which is August, they usually run a promotion of 50% off on all products.

On top of that, you can use my coupon code JujuGurgel and get an extra 20% off making your whole kit 70% off the regular price.