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From Outdated to Coastal Chic Living Room Decor

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coastal chic living room decor

In the world of interior design, the allure of coastal chic living decor is undeniable. The soothing sounds of waves, the gentle caress of sea breeze, and the timeless elegance of coastal aesthetics come together to create a style that is both refreshing and inviting.

This year I embarked on a journey to revamp our home's living room from outdated to a stunning coastal chic haven, where the harmonious blend of tones in blue, white, and gold can give the sensation of the serene shores of coastal bliss.

I wanted a space where every element resonates with the tranquility of the ocean and the sophistication of coastal living. My goal was to breathe new life into a tired and outdated living room, infusing it with the timeless charm of coastal decor.

The hues of blue mimic the expansive sky and ocean, while whites evoke the purity of sandy shores, all complemented by the luxurious touch of gold accents, which reminds me of the sun.

This living room transformation is proof that with a little paint and a great imagination, you can turn any outdated room intro a fresh, brand new space that brings you joy and makes you want to spend every minute in it.

From Undated and dark to a Coastal Chic and Bright Living Room

We moved into our home a little over five years ago and when I say everything has been the same, I mean just that!

We had been tired of the dark colors and outdated furniture for quite sometime and we were ready for something new, fresh and most importantly BRIGHT!

Outdated living room

Considering we live in a beach town, we opted for a coastal theme with touches of blue, white and gold to brighten things up a bit.

We incorporated items that we already had with new pieces to bring our idea to life. There were a few must haves for this new living room and compromise was not an option.

Coastal chic living room

I've been wanting a fire place for the longest! In my opinion, there's just something about a mantel and a fire place that makes the living room feel so cozy, plus it's the perfect place to hang our stockings during Christmas time.

So now you see why that wasn't a compromise?

The small mirrors were added to the side of the TV to reflect light and make the room even brighter. I wanted to hang another mirror on the wall against the windows but my husband thought it would have been too many mirrors and in the end, I think he was correct because I love the art piece we got instead.

Coastal chic Hallway table

One of my favorite changes we made in this living room transformation was the fandalier.

We had a traditional three blade silver fan with a light and because our ceiling is low, it just made the room feel smaller.

So when my husband found this fandalier on Amazon and presented to me as an idea, I was hooked on it! And believe me, the fan on this thing goes fast, up to speed 6 ! The light is also super bright with adjustable settings.

You can watch this reels on Instagram to see how it works, just make sure you wait until the end of the video to see the demonstration.

Coastal Chic living room design

We also wanted to create a space for Reesy , our adorable beagle, and a mini bar but without compromising the coastal chic theme, of course!

That's when I had the idea of moving her white kennel furniture to the corner of the living room and create a mini bar right on top of it.

I mean, the kennel fits right in with the decor and it provides the perfect setting for a mini bar.

Dog kennel and mini bar

Now, this next idea I had never tried it before but I do consider myself an explorer when it comes down to trying new things, especially in fashion and home decor and because I was on a mission to keep things simple and open, this was basically a must try.

And indeed, tried I did And LOVED IT!

The ideas was to put a small tall table right behind the couch to include our lamps, a diffuser and a few pieces of decor. This design allowed us to have more open space by not using big and bulky side tables and have wires traveling for one side of the room to the other.

What's even better, the table features an outlet and USB ports so we can plug our lamps and diffuser right to it and all chords are hidden behind the couch.

Table behind a couch

Shop Coast Chic Living Room

To Purchase each photo simply click on the picture to find the products being featured or you can go to my " Coastal Living Room " list on Amazon and find all items there.

Coastal Chic Decor Items

Here are all the items we used to transform our living room into a coastal chic paradise.

Dog Kennel & Mini Bar


coastal chic living room idea list

Behind couch

Hallway Table

Side table

Center of living room


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