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Bedroom decoration inspired by zodiac signs | Amazon home decor finds

Bedroom decoration ideas inspired by zodiac signs using home decorations found on Amazon.

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Are you believer of Zodiac Signs? Whether or not you are, these bedroom designs are really a fun way to play with zodiac signs but not meant to put anyone in a box so feel free to explore the different designs and let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite.

The link to each item is available separately for easy shopping but you can also click on the picture or where it says " shop entire outfit " to be redirected to Amazon where you will be able to shop all of the items in the picture at once.

In case you are looking for more Home Decor Ideas, there's a full list right here so you don't have to waste your time browsing through Amazon to find the cutest and most loved Bedroom and home decorations.

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Bedroom decoration inspired by zodiac signs

Bedroom decor inspired by Aries

This bedroom room full of boldness and character just like Aries. They are not afraid to express themselves but elegance is also very important so their room must reflect that.

As a sign who thrives from competition, the gold represents the prize from those competitions while the red turns out to be a very soothing and relaxing color for this sign.

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| green platform bed | Accent swing chair | Double dresser | | End tables | Red Floral Bedding set | Women rose art |

| Red flameless candles | Table lamp | Ceramic aries plate |

Bedroom decor inspired by Taurus

Taurus is one of the signs who enjoys the little pleasures in life. While they are far from lazy and usually very hard workers, they really enjoy their sleep time making their bedroom a very important room in their home.

Being a sign who loves nature, this bedroom includes wood furniture to reflect the trees, with a mix of green and beautiful bright flowers.

Being a very sensual sign, bold colors were added and they are also a nice contrast with the greenery which Taurus absolutely loves.

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| Table lamps | Wall decor prints | Himalayan Salt Bowl |

| Burnt Orange Hydrangea | Double dresser | Satin bed sheets | | Faux palm tree | Rattan egg chair | Side table | Four post bed |

Bedroom decor inspired by Gemini

If you know a Gemini, you know they love a good reading but they also change their minds very often so a room who is adaptable is definitely a must for this sign.

With that in mind, a bookcase with open shelves but also with cabinets was added, this allows for the Gemini to interchange items in the bookcase and hide the ones they no longer want to showcase.

To match their bright and outgoing personality, yellow is definitely a great color to add to the Geminis' bedroom especially considering how versatile the color can be.

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| Sunflower bouquet | Bed sheets | Gemini candle |

| Faux palm tree | Side table | Yellow lamp |

| White Bookcase | Neutral bed | Yellow art wall |

Bedroom decor inspired by Cancer

Cancers are usually homebodies and their bedroom is the place where they truly feel at home so they look to make the space safe and cozy, not just for themselves but also for friends and family.

As a water sign, Cancer can really appreciate decor that resembles the ocean and/or the beach and tones of blue which is why this bedroom incorporates different shades of the color while keeping the aesthetics light and airy.

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| Bed frame | Drawer nightstand | Drawer dresser |

| Anchor rope candles | Rope lamp | Beach wall art |

| Beach bed comforter | Accent chair | Wall Mirror | Faux Fig tree |

Bedroom decor inspired by Leo

To a Leo, their home is their castle and their bedroom, of course, must reflect that.

White furniture with gold accent was used in this room to represent Leo's love for gold while velvet pieces represent their affinity for luxury and comfortability.

Considering Leo is a fire sign, shades of yellow and red were added to this design.

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| Drawer nightstand | White and gold dresser | Gold and white bed frame |

| Lion Statue | Faux plant | Faux orchid | Velvet comforter |

| Velvet arm chair | Wall decor | Night lamp |

Bedroom decor inspired by Virgo

Virgo is know as the sign who strives for perfection and they don't expect any less from their bedroom decor either.

As a sign who likes to have everything organized, the furniture serves as storage as a way to having a home to all items.

As virgo enjoys functionality, this bedroom was design with the idea that everything has more than one function; the desk can serve as a work desk or makeup vanity, the ladder can be a decor piece and a blanket/hat holder while the nightstand holds a lamp as well as store items.

Considering virgo is an earth sign, the colors chosen for this design are the ones that can be usually found in nature such as green and tones of taupe.

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| Faux pampas grass | Blanket ladder | Wall decor |

| Green table lamp | Wall Mirror | Plant hangers |

| Desk | Taupe Bedding | Platform bed | Nightstand |

Bedroom decor inspired by Libra

No one loves a monochromatic look more than a libra does and if you think it's because of the balance of the colors, then you are completely correct.

Libra can easily get overwhelmed by too many color or bright colors hence why this design features neutral colors that compliment each other in a well balanced way.

Being a sign who is very outgoing and love to entertain, Libra can use their bedroom as a way to welcome their guests and make them feel at home, so we added an extra chair and a rolling bar cart to this design that can serve as a drinking or even a coffee station.

Shop entire design on Amazon.

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| Tall chest dresser | Artificial Tree | Bar Cart |

| Gray accent chair | Brooklyn Bridge wall art | Nightstand |

| White comforter | Gray bed headboard | Silver lamp | Faux tulips |

Bedroom decor inspired by Scorpio

Dark and bold colors were added to this one to provide scorpio with a place they can escape, feel safe and create.

A bedroom to a scorpio is more than just a bedroom, it is their sanctuary. A place where not many are welcomed because it is there where the scorpio find his/her refuge from the world.

Since scorpios love to spend time in their bedroom, they tend to have everything they need and want to do within that space, which is why one piece of furniture can serve many purposes.

The desk can be work, hobby and beauty station while the chair can serve as an accent chair, an addition to the table or simply a chilling spot.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, hence the chosen wall art depicts the moon, considering Pluto is the closest planet to it, and the orange circle is a representation of the fire (Mars) within the sign.

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| Black headboard | Decorative Mirror | Dark green comforter |

| Gold wall sconce | Gold & black side table | Faux Flowers | Scented candle |

| White and gold desk | Green accent chair | Ceramic vase | Wall canvas |

Bedroom decor inspired by Sagittarius

Sagittarius loves to dabble in different cultures and amused by traveling so a bedroom that best suits Sagittarius is one where they can display their favorite finds from their travels.

To sagittarius, decorating a space means the opportunity to of self expression, an opportunity to display their exotic taste.

Chances are that you will find that their bedding is from Mexico, table from India, tree from Japan or at least that was the idea behind it and considering sagittarius is a fire sign, tones of red and orange are found all throughout.

The open book shelf provides a space to display all finds and favorite knick knacks.

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| Ceramic Vase set | Navajo inspired bed set | Head board |

| Rustic side table | Porcelain table lamp | Woven leather chair |

| Faux Olive tree | White book case | World wall art | Bonsai tree |

Bedroom decor inspired by Capricorn

More than just a beautiful design, this bedroom was designed with practicality and comfortability in mind before anything else.

Each piece was added to provide a way to make the life of the Capricorn easier and more practical but also to serve a purpose and sometimes a few of them.

As the Capricorn likes to live a clutter free life, the decor of the bedroom also reflects the need for simplicity but also comfortability. Capricorns don't care to have their bedroom filled with items but they also don't mind spending more on pieces that they feel is more an investment rather than a purchase.

Hence you see the lamp which is also an usb charger, the wall art which also serves as daily motivation, the mini plants that serve as an air purifier and so on.

And to make this a true Oasis for the sign of Capricorn, the colors chosen were very earthy and neutral, to keep it simple but elegant.

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| Upholstered bed frame | Night stand | Accent Chair |

| Table lamp | Plant terrarium | Tall Dresser | Khaki bedding |

| Standing Mirror | Wall Art | Capricorn candle |

Bedroom decor inspired by Aquarius

If you know someone who always had the latest of anything, chances are that person was an Aquarius.

Infatuated with the future and trends, an Aquarius bedroom will call for the most modern pieces out on the market.

To reflect their love for the new, very futuristic pieces were added to this design; items such as the dresser, nightstand and bed that all have LED lights that can change colors as well as the egg chair and knot pillows that are considered internet famous products.

Shop entire collection on Amazon

Shop by piece

| Abstract ocean art | Table lamp | Knot ball pillow |

| Snake plant | Bubble chair | Fish Tank | White dresser |

| White nightstand | Platform bed | Yesterday comforter |

Bedroom decor inspired by Pisces

It's all about the peace and love with pisces and their bedroom is an extension of that philosophy.

Focused on minimalism but also spirituality, this sign treats their room as sanctuary, the place where they retreat to recharge, so while having too much isn't important, the ladder relays more on the importance and vibrance of each item chosen.

As a water sign, pisces can identify with tones of blue as well as neutral colors.

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| Whale wall art | Salt & Sea candle | Fiddle leaf tree |

| Blue Duvet set | Rattan Dresser | Table lamp |

| Ash wood bed | Rattan accent chair | Seagrass Mirror |

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