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Black and white modern home design ideas | Amazon home decor finds

7 Black and white modern home design ideas on Amazon using their showroom feature.

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Have you tried the Amazon showroom feature yet? If you are into home decor and design then you must check this new feature out.

It reminds me of the game " The Sims" but without the characters. To be quite frank with you, the only reason I played The Sims was solely for the goal of designing my own home.

My entire goal was to have enough "sims" cash to buy new decoration items or add a new room.

Well, that was years ago so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out Amazon had this new showroom feature and I didn't even have to actually play a game.

And the fact that every single item in the showroom can be purchased is another huge bonus because if you love a design so much that you want to bring it to real life, you can do just that.

I am adding my latest designs below but feel free to check out my other design ideas here.

For this home designing sessions - yes, I reserve a time on my schedule to play around with design, it's my form of relaxation - I went with black and white with a touch of modern and trendy as well.

Let me know which one if your favorite one in the comments section at the end of this post.

And if you like what you see, feel free to give me a follow on Amazon so you can see all my latest finds and reviews.

7 Black and white modern home design ideas on Amazon

Master bedroom in black and white with gold accent pieces.

The floor design of this master bedroom is quite large and it can afford to to indulge in large pieces such as the tall black and white headboard and eclectic ascending chandelier.

To soften the ambiance the plain white side tables along with mirrors were added and to the right of the room, two comfortable white and gold legged chairs.

It's not only an elegant and trendy room but a great room for enjoyment for the couple, tea drinking the afternoon in those two chairs, watching a favorite show in that massive bed, or just getting ready in the morning and sitting on that beautiful black and gold bench to put the shoes on.

Shop. by pieces below:

Black and white living room with touch of royal blue.

If you were a teen in the 2000's, the this entire living room reminds you of the Black & Blue Backstreet Boys Album and even if you aren't a fan of the band, you have to admit that the two make a beautiful combination.

It's grown and it is clean even with the dark tones because the white pieces were strategically added to soften up the look so it's a great entertainment and enjoyment area for the entire family or just a single person.

Shop. by pieces below:

Black and white home office with gold accent pieces.

This home office room is sophisticated yet very comfortable, making it the perfect ambiance for working in tranquility.

It can also be a reading room, a space to meet clients or even a craft room. Once again the black and white mixed with gold really came together to provide a luxurious cozy feel.

Shop. by pieces below:

Clean and elegant dinning room in white and black with touches of silver.

This dinning room is a great place for adults to get together and entertain and while it can also serve children, the pieces in this rooms include sharp edges and elements that were designed for a grown audience.

The bar stools add more seats to the room without making guests feel isolated from the dinning room table and that chandelier is just simply the icing on the cake, isn't it?

Shop. by pieces below:

Backyard in black and white

Who said the backyard has to be a busy space filled with all sorts of colors? I mean, it can be but if you aren't that type of person, it doesn't have to be.

For this specific backyard, the tones of white and black were added but also quite a lot of grays which is a great match and contrast with the greenery.

It's such an elegant backyard with pieces that are perfect for entertaining and enjoying a beautiful day out of the house.

Shop. by pieces below:

Nursery/ Kids room in Black and white

It is rare that parents opt to have their baby's or kids room in white and black. Usually the white. is one of the top colors used in nurseries but black is most likely than often, completely left out.

Well, that is not the case for this nursery. Black tones were incorporated within the room and when paired with light colors such as white and bamboo, the final look is rather delicate and subtle just as a baby's room should be.

Now that you have seen how cute this room looks, would you design your kid's room in black and white? Let me know in the comments.

Shop. by pieces below:

Teenager girl room in black and white

The perfect room for a teenager girl, with a space to do her own homework and/or hair.

The colors for the furniture were strategically chosen to be white in order to make the pink wall art really vivid and vibrant.

The black touch in this room is the striped black and white accent area rug that can easily be the second focal point of the room.

Shop by pieces below:

Teenager boy room in black and white and silver accent colors.

Black and white is really the soul of this room. The light pendant along with wall lights provide an industrial American look and the painting on the wall highlights that narrative.

To the right side of the room in the chilling/reading area, two white pieces, the couch and ottoman and to contrast the black tower lamp was added.

It's a clean look that makes the art and the plant to the left really stand out.

Shop by pieces below:


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