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Brazilian Flan "Pudim" Recipe | Delicious desserts

Brazilian flan covered with sugar sauce
Brazilian Flan Pudim recipe

Growing up and experiencing different cultures definitely has its pros and in my opinion, the greatest one is being exposed to completely distinct foods.

In third world countries like Brazil, where I lived for 14 years of my life, recipes must be simple and cheap to make, preferably using native ingredients but make no mistake, they turn out to be delicious.

Take for example the Brazilian flan or Pudim in Portuguese, it only requires a total of four ingredients. The recipe is so easy and simple to make, you will question yourself on why you never tried making it before, which is exactly what I asked myself.

Now, moving on to what you will actually need for this delicious flan recipe.

Brazilian Flan "Pudim" Recipe

Milk, condensed milk and eggs
Ingredients to make Pudim


1 cup Sugar (for sauce)

1 can of condensed milk

Milk (Same amount as can of condensed milk)

3 eggs


Tube cake pan


Silicone Spatula


1 - Place the tube cake pan on the stove at a medium/high heat and add the cup of sugar. Continuously stir with a silicone spatula (I've used wooden and metal spoons and the sugar gets stuck and hardens it up very quickly) as it starts to melt so the sugar does not burn.

White sugar in a tube cake pan
White sugar

2 - Once the sugar has completely melted and turned into liquid, move the pan in a circular motion in an attempt to get the entire pan covered with sugar. Let it completely cool off.

melted sugar in a tube cake pan
melted sugar

3 - Now, go ahead and add the condensed milk, milk and eggs to the blender and blend it a high speed. Be sure to blend it well, the secret to a solid consistency and a flan that doesn't taste like eggs is how well the mixture is blended.

4 - After blended well, add the pudim mix to the sugar covered pan.

5 - Take it to the oven at a 350° for about 20 to 25 minutes. To ensure you flan is ready, poke a tooth pick or a fork in it and if it comes out clean, then it is ready.

Tip: Do not remove flan from oven immediately, leave it inside for a few minutes so it won't deflate and it remains the same size.

6 - Wait for the pudim to completely cool off before removing it from the pan. Use a knife to slide around the pan to loosen the flan from the it. Use a big plate to cover the pan and then turn it over and pull the cake pan away from the flan.

7 - Using a spatula, get all the sugar sauce you can get from the pan and pour it on top on flan.

Wasn't this Brazilian Flan recipe super easy to make? I'd love to hear from you and if you did make it, let me know how it tasted.

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