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The benefits of taking Zinc daily

What is a dietary supplement you can't live without?

For me is zinc, especially around the fall months when our immune system is more prone to colds and influenzas.

Zinc is an essential mineral and a very powerful supplement that can impact our health in many ways, here are just some of them:

  • Improves immune function

  • Helps fight inflammation

  • Promotes blood sugar control

  • Helps treat skin condition like acne

  • Improves hearth health

  • Slows macular degeneration

If you are in the market for zinc or any other supplements, definitely give Mary Ruth's Organic a try.

All of their products are:



Gluten free

Sugar free

Corn free

Nut free

Soy free

Water soluble

Keto friendly

Celiac friendly

Bariatric friendly

Not to mention everything is made right here in the United States and can be purchased on Amazon, Target and many other stores.

What I liked most about their zinc supplement is that is unflavored and it also comes in liquid form so you can take the dosage that is right for you unlike pills that comes with a set quantity.

Regardless of which brand you decide to go with just make sure that you look at the label and ensure that there are no fillers or bad ingredients added to your zinc supplement.