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3 home essentials when you have kids

3 home essentials when you have kids

When you have kids the game totally changes as far as what home essentials you need. The cleaning is more frequent and the mess tends to be bigger and stickier.

But there are products out there that can make your life easier or should I say less hard.

Well, here are my favorites and what I consider to be essential home items for when you have children. These items are also great if you are single, but as mother of three children, for me they are certainly a must.

I love this vacuum. I am on my second one only because one of the children ( I don't want to point fingers here and name anyone) broke the top comportment and it couldn't hold the dirt anymore but let me re assure you it was not the vacuums fault, in fact, it sustained a lot of falls and very often my children would get on top of it and I always thought that it would break in half but it never did.

The suction of the Shark Rocket is pretty amazing too regardless of the attaching tools that you are using. I often use the floor and the one for the carpet and both perform very well.

One thing I enjoy about this vacuum is the flexibility of being able to empty the dirt compartment. Not having to purchase bags saves a lot of money, also let's consider that it is also better for the planet as we consume less waste.

Now, we certainly make the most of our Shark rocket, my husband also uses it to clean all of the food and mess we make in the car, he loves how he can get in pretty tight areas that most vacuums at the car washes can't get too.

Finally, I recommend that you clean all 4 filter compartments of your vacuum pretty often to guarantee maximum performance. Three of them must be washed in running water with soap and then dried and sometimes even need to be replaced. You can buy new ones right here

Forget about the days that you needed a bucket full of water and a mop full of fabric strings that really just took the dirt from one side to the other and didn't wash anything unless you put in as much strength as of someone lifting weights.

Did I exaggerate a big there? Nope, not even a little bit!

I used to hate mopping not knowing that I didn't hate mopping, I hated the MOP!

The whole "dipping in the water, squeezing over 100 times in on cleaning session" truly terrorized me!

But then I found out about steam mops and my life at home and my perspective on mopping completely changed for the better.

First of all, the steam sanitizes your floors and makes any sticky and gooey substance come out of your floors in a blink of an eye without any harsh chemicals which is great for your health and the environment.

Second thing is that there is no squeezing of fabric because Shark Genius Sanitizing Steam Pocket Mop releases the right amount of steam as you mop and it doesn't get drenched with water.

The third great thing about the mop is that you only add the amount of water you need so there is no waste of water and there is no need for dumping dirty water and re filling it with clean one.

Lastly, I love that you can just throw the dirty rag you just used in the washer and dryer so next time when you need it is not just clean but sanitized as well.

P.S. - If you use your mop as often as I do, you may want to get some extra rags, it will save you time and money from having to do a load of laundry with just a couple of items.

If someone was to ask "Whoever hates ironing raise their hands" be sure I'd be the person raising both of her hands!

I just truly do not enjoy the task of ironing, although the clothes look so much better, presentable, and softer afterwards, I just cannot bring myself to become fond of the activity.

However, century twenty one is here and with that is all of the technology we need in order to solve the things we hate doing the most.

Thanks to baby Jesus for this one invention, I no longer have to stand in front of the tv for hours ironing one piece of cloth (and still not have the results desired). I gave myself a steamer for Christmas, and until this day it has been the best gift I have ever given myself and my family.

Steaming a collar shirt takes 2 minutes or less depending on how much of a pro you have became with the machine aka your new bestie.

Also, believe it or not, my husband enjoys using it too, I think he thinks it's cool or whatever, which works even better in my favor. Pretty soon the kids will be old enough to be handling this bad boy too and life will be that much sweeter.

One little warning, the steam is extremely hot so do not put your hands anywhere close to it, the vapor will burn you, also, do it away from the little ones to prevent spilling and getting them burned.

SO THAT'S IT!! Those are my three favorite home essentials when you have children.

Which products have become your family's essentials? Is there anything you could legit not live without? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.

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