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Colostrum for adults

benefits of colostrum for adults

I am a very curious person and I research everything that I find to be interesting. I recently came upon colostrum as a supplement and I was like WTH??? I've known about colostrum and its benefits for babies for quite a while but the thought of adults drinking it never crossed my mind.

Here are all the benefits according to the company that sells them:


*Boost balance and maintain immune function

*Eliminate harmful pathgens and fight infection

*Cleanse and prevent absorption of toxins and pathogens

*Protect and heal the G.I. tract and stomach lining (leaky gut syndrome)

*Increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity

*Increase muscle strength, stamina, speed recovery and burn fat

*Optimal source of biogenetical, anti-aging growth factors

*Helps eliminate possible gas bloating and diarrhea associated with lactose-sensitivity

Once I saw all the benefits I had to buy ( You can buy it here ) and try it for myself. So, here we go, day 1 of starting to add colostrum to my diet. I will be doing it once a day and giving it to my son, who has autism, twice a day.

The instructions of use are right on the bag and it varies depending on what you want to accomplish. For example, for G.I. tract infections it is recommend once in the am and once at night.

If you know of someone that can benefit from colostrum, share it, like it and leave me a comment letting me know what you think.


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