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Secrets of six-figure women

More and more women become six figure earners, many surpassing their partners income and even becoming the highest earners in many industries.

But what is the secret to their wealth? Is there a formula they all have that can be replicated?

According to the author of the book "Secrets of six-figure women: Surprisings strategies to up your earning and change your life", Vanessa Daniels, there are principles and strategies that six figure women have followed to get them to their income goal.

Based on deep research and interviews the book is filled with golden nuggets while I will share many of them in this article, I highly recommend to read the book or listen to the audio to its entirety, it is definitely worth the 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Secrets of six-figure women review

The 7 key strategies of female high earners

1 - Profit Motive

2 - Audacity

3 - Resilience

4 - Encouragement

5 - Self-Awareness

6 - Non-Attachment

7 - Financial Know-How

The 8 secrets to 6 figure women's success

1 - Financial success is possible in any field and lack of education doesn't have to hold you back

2 - Working hard doesn’t mean working all the time

3 - Focus on fulfilling your value rather than financial gains

4 - Loving what you do is much more important than what you do

5 - Feel the fear, have the doubts, go for it anyway

6 - Think in terms of trade offs not sacrifices to find a workable equilibrium

7 - Sometimes you just have to shrug it off and have a good laugh

8 - Appreciate abundance

Taken separately none of these secrets will add a zero to your paychecks but in combination with the appropriate strategies, they become a formula for financial and personal success.

5 questions to help you identify your hidden beliefs about money

1 - Do I really want to earn more and why?

2 - If I don’t, what’s that about?

3 - Do I believe I can increase what I make?

4 - Is there a part of me that doubts my capacity to change?

5 - How would my life be different if I had more money?

The more honest your are with yourself the more honest your insights will be.

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7 Rules of the Wealth making game

1- Decide which game to play

2 - Jump in, ready or not!

3 - Keep on trucking

4 - Grab opportunities

5 - No excuses allowed

6 - Ignore naysayers

7 - Never personalize

Pick the right mate for maximum financial success

A study determined that a supportive spouse is the most important criterion for success in starting a business which also shows how picking the right mate can be detrimental for financial success.

The 3 rules of money

Wealth requires the consistent application of the three rules of money.

1- Spend less than you earn

2 - Pay yourself first

3 - Put your money to work

Wealth doesn’t come from what you made but from what you don’t spend

How to put your money to work in 4 steps

Anyone can become a disciplined investor by applying the following 4 methods

1 - Automate

2 - Delegate when you can

3 - Educate yourself

4 - Communicate

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