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Spring Haul 2018

spring haul 2018

This spring haul wasn't just something I wanted to do, it was something I needed to do. You see, after having a couple of months of having a baby all of your maternity clothes no longer suit you and the post maternity clothes start to be a little bit lose, so clothes shopping is a must.

Consequently, I hopped online because going to a physical stores to shop with 2 kids and a baby is a luxury that I just don't happen to have at the moment. I decided to give Romwe fashion a try as their clothes looked really cute and the price seemed fair.

Let me say that I am happy about a lot of things I purchased and not so happy about a couple of items.

So here goes my full and honest review of the items I purchased from Romwe.

First and foremost, the prices are great! I purchased 18 items , including shoes for a total of $223.21 ( and I received some money back from ebates as well).

However, that also brings me to the point that you get what you pay for! Yes, I understand that sometimes you are able to find amazing high quality products for really great prices but this is not the case with Romwe. Even though, the designs are cute and trendy, the quality is not very good and I know they won't last too many washes but I am okay with that because I don't like to wear the same outfits too many times.

Now, as for the shoes I just have to say that I loved the design but they are so painful! Let's just say I will not be wearing the shoes anywhere else besides in a photoshoot and even that is debatable! With that being said, skip on Romwe shoes!

Overall, I am a pretty satisfied customer with Romwe and happy I gave them a try! How about you, what did you think of the outfits? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As always...Enjoy the sweet side of life!


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