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Peanut butter fruit and everything you need to know

Learn how to grow, cultivate and use peanut butter fruit tree.

Girl holding a bunch of peanut butter fruits in her hands

It’s time you know the truth...

The truth is we have been limited the foods we eat based on how well they can be stored and sold (maybe you already knew that).

Which is why I have optimized to grow plants that are best for our environment instead of what I really like which wouldn't do very well here in Florida.

Our family looked and researched to find the best plants for Southwest Florida and many of them are not common and some even considered rare.

Take the little pretty fruit called peanut butter fruit, for example. I was introduced to the fruit while taking a tour of ECHO Farms in North Fort Myers and just absolutely had to get one for our garden.

You probably have never heard of the fruit which is also known as the fake guarana or by its scientific name, Bunchosia glandulifera.

Peanut butter fruit hanging from tree

The peanut butter fruit is a tasty and delicious treat, best way to describe is that it taste like a mixture of peanut butter with a bit of grape jelly and it will give you a lot of energy

Now as for the nutritious properties, it is astonishing how such little fruit contains so many nutrients. Here's a list of them:

  • anthocyanins,

  • flavonoids,

  • lycopene,

  • β-carotene,

  • vitamin C

  • caffeine.

The plant is also high in antioxidants due to its high level of bioactive compounds. The peanut butter fruit has recently been used in Brazil to treat prostate cancer because of a high concentration of lycopene which helps combat the disease. The fruit is also used as a stimulant because of its caffeine properties.

Unfortunately, not many studies have been conducted on this plant and its health benefits, mainly because its shelf life is so short, making the peanut butter fruit unsuitable for sale.

However, if you live in a tropical weather region like Florida, Hawaii, Australia and have a small space where you can plant this wonderful plant then you don’t have to worry about finding it at the store.

The peanut butter fruit can easily be grown from seeds and we have even experimented with cuttings and although it takes a while before it roots, this is another way to cultivate the plant if you don't have any seeds yet.

Taking care of it requires minimum effort, the plant loves the sun and can really take the heat. Probably one of the easiest and most fun plants to grow, not to mention, delicious and healthy too.


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Aug 22, 2023

I also got my cranberry hibiscus at Echo in Ft. Myers over 13 years ago and I love that they still pop up in my yard. I've been trying to find the exact macros this plant provides to your diet but all I ever come up with is info on either the tea or the flowers. I use the leaves in my salads daily when its growing fresh in my yard. I do prefer the smaller leaves for salad. Any additional info you may have is appreciated!



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