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Brazilian Restaurant in New York | Ipanema

Brazilian Restaurant in Manhattan

Located right off of west 46st street in between 5th and 6th ave, Ipanema was a fantastic option. I received such warm and amazing service there that I cant wait to go back next time I am in Manhattan. My waiter, Reinaldo, was absolutely friendly and attentive. He made me feel as if I was back in Rio de Janeiro, where people are happy and outgoing. As an appetizer you will receive small pieces of sliced bread and butter. I am a big fan of plain bread with butter so this was definitely a plus for me, not to mention that it was also delicious. I ordered the picanha plate and let me start by telling that one plate alone can easily feed two people. It came with 4 nice size pieces of sizziling picanha, white rice, black beans, french fries and fresh farofa. Everything was very delicious,however, their fries have to be the best fries I have ever eaten. It was just delicious! According to Reinaldo, the secret is on the cut, but I dont believe he would give the recipe away that easily. I was then convinced to have a piece of the famous brazilian desert “pudim” also known in america as flan. Turns out the piece was a huge piece but it was also delicious and I am so glad I had it. Very happy I went to Ipanema, great service, wonderful food and amazing staff. Will most certainly go back!

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