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How to organize a small closet

Tips and hacks on how to organize a small closet so you can maximize your space and have a home for every single item.

When you have a small space to organize your clothes and shoes, each and every little corner matters.

I personally have a small closet that my husband and I share which I am actually super thankful for because I have had way smaller closets than this one.

But truth of the matter is organizing small spaces can be challenging! It might be beneficial that I enjoy a good challenge and if you are like me and have a small closet that you need to get it sorted out and organized, keep reading because I have really cool ideas that you can easily replicate in your own closet.

1 - Planning

Planning is a very important step of the organization process. This is where you will get measurements of the space including shelvings so you can get the right size containers and tools.

Determine what you will need for the project and the colors you want to use. I would recommend light colors for small spaces. I was previously using dark colors and switched to light and it made a huge difference. Believe it or not, the closet feels bigger and brighter.

Another tip is to draw your closet on a piece of paper and design how everything is going to look so you can have a visual idea of the final result. It's okay if you don't draw very well, neither do I, but this is to help you figure out where to fit baskets, drawers, hooks, shelves, etc.

2 - Shopping

Look for items that maximize the space you have and can fit several items rather than just one. Check out my list on Amazon with over 100 organization items that you can sort through and find what works best for your project.

3 - Purge

You have heard this before because it is a must in any organization project! Purge anything you haven't wore or used in over two years.

Create a donation box and place somewhere reachable in your home so you can easily get rid of items that no longer suits your needs. Once the bin is full, donate it to your favorite charity.

4 - Easy Peasy

Make it easy to find items in your closet. Unless it needs to be out of sight, like undies, then keep it in sight so you don't forget you have it.

Acrylic organizers are great for the purpose because while it still holds your items like any basket would, it allows you to see what's inside without having to physically grab it.

5 - Use every space

Don't leave a corner or a wall empty, use every piece of real estate in your closet!

Look at places like Monaco or St. Barts, where the space is so limited that they have to use each and every square inch adequately in a manner that it will maximize the efficiency of the space.

Okay, maybe your closet is no Monaco but is the mindset that matters. With that being said, use the walls to hang bags, belts, scarfs. Hangers that can hang several pieces is another winner because you can use them to store many pieces rather than just one.

6 - Get to work

Once your items have arrived, it is time to get to work. I recommend to start with one side or a section and move around the closet as you finish each part. That way even if you don't finish everything in one day, the closet is not an entire mess.

Final result of my small closet transformation

I do practice what I preach and here's the final result of my small closet organization. You can watch the before right in this youtube video so you can see how it looked prior to the finished work.

I opted for light colors and acrylic bins so I can see what's on the inside. This simple change made my life so much easier because I am not longer reaching for baskets to find out what's inside.

The switch from dark to bright colors was also made a tremendous difference and I can safely say I will never go back to dark colors for my closet, even if I end up getting a bigger one. The mood feels lighter, I swear, it's such a different vibe.

Now, one of my favorite items has to be the shoe organizer. This is my second box because I loved the first one so much! The fact that the organizer allows me to save space for more shoes is fantastic! So much space saved, and each box comes with 20 organizers and I still need another box.

Seriously, I love shoes and bags, I may need a closet just for that alone lol. Here are all the shoes and bags from Amazon I either have or want, and both of them are continuously growing.

Finally, I will say that the closet is still a work in progress. There are a lot of things I am happy with and others not so much.

For example, I want a better way to store my jewelry and the sunglasses. I also want to install an artificial green backdrop to the side walls to add a pop of color and extra shelves on my husband's side.

But for now this final result is great and so much better than the way it was before. I can find where things are now, I can easily get to my jewelry and sunglasses and the bright and peaceful vibe is the icing on the cake.

Here's everything I used in this project:

Acrylic bins set of 3

Shoe organizer pack of 20

Acrylic Jewelry organizer

Wall Hooks pack of 6

Cotton rope Baskets set of 3

Fabric Baskets pack of 2

Organizer hanger pack of 2

Plastic organizer with 6 compartments set of 4

Velvet hangers pack of 100

Furniture Hamper

Fake plants set of 3


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