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How to create a homeowner management binder

Home binder organization for home sellers

You may have just bought your house and not even be thinking about selling it. Or maybe you are ready to move and sell your current place, either way, you should highly consider creating a homeowner management binder to help you keep all of your home matters organized in one system that you have quick and easy access to.

Keeping all the information that matters about your property in one place can reduce stress and even help sell your home faster whenever you are ready to sell. It can also help you by keeping important receipts and telephone number for contractors and businesses that have done work in your home in case you ever need to retrieve those.

As a realtor, I recommend all my clients to invest in a homeowner management binder and include the following:

Typical Utility Costs

Home Maintenance Costs

Home Maintenance Checklist

Warranty and Manuals

Local Schools

Improvements made

Nearby restaurants, attractions and amenities

HOA important info (when applicable)

For more information such as how to create your own homeowner binder and what details to include, I have created a PDF file that you can download for FREE it right here

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