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How to Treat Measles Naturally

how to treat measles

Recently my little one, who is 9 months, came down with Measles. At first, I freaked out but after research I quickly realized that it wasn't as dangerous considering the advance of technology.

I still took him to the doctor, twice, to 2 different ones! Just to make sure that he was safe and it wasn't anything highly dangerous.

I mentioned to both doctors what I was doing and they both approved. One of them, recommended benadryl but said it wasn't necessary.

REMEMBER, every organism is different and reacts different so be sure to get the advice from a doctor to make sure what you are doing is actually helping.

While there are many things we can do naturally in order to battle diseases and viruses, you can only defeat the enemy once you know the enemy. A doctor will be the best person to correctly diagnose what is going on, and when possible get advice from more than one.

The rashes disappeared within 2 days, which doesn't mean that the virus was completely gone but I saw difference in my baby's mood as soon as it was gone.

Here are the things I did for my baby and I hope it works for your family as well. Everything has a link to the actual products I have used.

Colostrum - Immunoglobulins and Lactoferrin, both found in significant amounts in colostrum, show effective action in inhibiting viruses and bacteria within the body. - Learn More Here and buy it here.

Coconut Oil + Lavender Oil - When my eldest had chicken pox, I applied tons of the mix on his body. Not only it alleviated the itching but he was left with no scars, I did the same for the baby and also, very successful in helping with itchiness and no scars.

Dehumidifier - As soon as I discovered that Measles was a pulmonary virus, it quickly came to mind to turn on the dehumidifier and leave it ON! We live in Florida so the air is always very humid, making it easy for the growth of mold and mite.

Vegetable broth - I read that the biggest reason for deaths and blindness back in the days was due to kids and adults being mal-nourished, especially a lack of vitamin A. I used organic vegetable broth which contains 10% vitamin A in one cup!

I hope these steps can help you and your family as it has helped mine. However, keep in mind that I am not a doctor and in no shape or form this is a medical advice but rather what I have done for my child.

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