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Bowditch Point Park | Things to do in Fort Myers Beach

Find out everything you need to know about Bowditch Point Park, one of the best beach parks in SWFL.

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Bowditch Point Park is more than just a beach park, it's a taste of paradise. According to our team, this is one of the top beach parks in Southwest Florida and with every reason.

At Bowditch you will have the opportunity to connect with wildlife, hike nature trail that leads right into the beach and even enjoy a nice, juicy barbecue or grilled veggies right at the park.

Now before you head that way, there a few things you should know before visiting so keep on reading for everything you need to know before you visit the park.

Right after that, we share all the awesome activities you can do at Bowditch and how you can plan an entire day of fun at the park.

These ideas are great for families, couples and even groups of friends, there's something for everyone to do at Bowditch Point Park.

Everything you need to know before visiting Bowditch Point Park

1 - Parking

The parking space in this location is very limited and arriving early is a must if you want to guarantee a spot.

In fact, we arrived at 8:45 am last time we went to Bowditch and had to wait about 5 minutes for the folks that were watching the sunset to leave so we could park.

That's rather early and I know many people are not into getting up early especially while they are on vacation and if that is your case, be prepared to wait a little longer than five minutes to secure a spot.

No trailer and no RV's allowed in this spot.

2 - Parking Price

The parking here is $2 per hour. If you think that's a lot then you may want to skip Sanibel and Captiva's beaches as they cost $6 per hour!

3 - Hours

From Dawn to Dusk. Check the local sunrise and sunset hours to find the exact times.

4 - Pets

Pets are not allowed at this location and truly is for the safety of everyone including of the animal. There are quite a lot of wildlife at Bowditch including sharks that may see your domestic animal as a prey.

5 - Facilities on site

This park offers fully equipped bathrooms on site that are clean and safe to use.

6 - Accessibility to disable

Bowditch Point Park makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the park, even people with disabilities. From the parking area all the way to the beach, this one was one of the first parks in Lee County to adopt such features.

7 - Location

The park is located on the Northwest tip of the Estero Island and its official address is 50 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach, 33931

Things to do at Bowditch Point Park

1 - Hiking Trail

Bowditch is home to several trails so if you don't have a lot of time to explore the park I would highly recommend to check out Bay Trail. It has some really amazing and panoramic views of the gulf.

Here's a map of the park so you can better plan and make the best of your hiking trail.

Map of bowdtich park

2 - Wildlife

From turtles to sting rays and even the famous Florida raccoons, the wild life runs wild here. The pun was totally intended by the way.

Keep in mind that these are wildlife creatures and should not be fed under any circumstance. It is illegal and you can be fined.

Now, the earlier you arrive the better are your chances of spying one if the natural inhabitants.

3- Bird watching

Bring the binoculars because Bowditch will not disappoint you. The park is a sanctuary for so many kinds of birds. Here are some of the few you may see flying around:

Caspian Tern

Sandwich Tern

Royal Tern

Gull billed tern

Least Tern

Black Skimmer

American oystercatcher


Snowy Plover

Wilson's Plover

Brown Pelicans


4 - Swimming with Dolphins

Every time we go to Bowditch we always see at least one to two dolphins. This last time we saw about four.

It's always a great excitement for the kids, and myself too. Watch this youtube video and you will clearly see one of the dolphins we got the chance to record.

It got within four feet of me, it was a really cool experience!

5 - Picnic

There are so many picnic tables at Bowditch and they are all on a first come first served basis. Some are located under cool, shaded areas and others are in plain sun.

Not many people take advantage of them but I have been to a birthday party and other get togethers there and it was absolutely awesome.

Picnic area at Bowditch beach park in Fort Myers

6 - Barbecue

Grills are another feature in abundance at the Bowditch Point Park, so bring your food, your grilling utensils and and have a cook out!

They are all free to use but are also available on a first come first served basis.

7 - Fishing

If you watch my youtube video you will see why this area is called the tarpon wonder world. They are literally every where and you can see them in the water at any given moment.

If you are lucky enough, you will see them jumping out and right back into the water. They are such show off creatures.

Now, a fishing license is required for anyone above the age of 18.

8 - Sunrise/Sunset

People come to this park just to watch the sunrise/sunset. It's a beautiful sight to see the sun coming out of the gulf as it rises or watch it being engulfed by the gulf as it descends.

It's definitely a must see at least once in a lifetime.

9 - Enjoy Peace and quiet

Because the park comprises of 17 acres with only 75 parking spaces, there is tons of space where you can enjoy peace and quiet, maybe read a book or even take a good nap, all without being bothered by a soul.

And although over night camping is not allowed, you are more than welcomed to camp throughout the day. Just be sure to be all packed up by dawn.

Spectacular view of the Gulf at Bowditch beach park

10 - Photoshoot

As a local, I know that Bowditch is one of local photographer's favorite spots to shoot. I have actually assisted in a photoshoot at this very beach. The photos turned out amazing!

So, if you are from out of town and planning a photoshoot, maybe an engagement or family shoot, I would definitely recommend this park.

11 - Guided Walk

Guided tours are available every Tuesday at 9 am for the month of March only!

It's a 90 minute guided walk through Bowditch Point Park highlighting all of the history as well as wildlife and vegetation.

This is a free activity.

12 - Biking

If you have kids I would probably not recommend this park for biking but if you are an experienced biker who likes challenges then you will enjoy Bowditch.

It has a short hill that makes it hard to pedal through but perfect for the thrill seekers.

13 - Kayak Launch

Bring the kayak or the paddle board and launch directly from the park.

Last time we went I saw a family with inflatable paddle boards that weight basically nothing and I am highly considering getting one just to use it in this location.

There's a small island that can easily be accessible by kayak or paddle board but not so much by swimming as there are too many boats going by and it can be a bit dangerous.

14 - Explore the local Fauna

Bowditch Point park has an extensive array of native vegetation, beautiful wild flowers and simply gorgeous greenery.

Take the time to walk through the Fiddler Crab Bridge and check out the mangroves that are so important to this area.

15 - Boating

Want to stop by the park but you are traveling by boat? No biggie at all. The park also features a complete boat dock that is available at no charge.

No overnight dockage is allowed.

Sailing boat passing by.

Bowditch Point is an amazing park to visit and if you plan your day wisely, you can literally spend all day here with all the activities there are available to do.

For more activities and things to do in Fort Myers, be sure to check out this page where you will find everything you need to stay entertained while in town.


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