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Art Basel Miami 2018: La Kennedy Exhibit

Art Basel is one of the greatest events of the year for art. The streets of downtown Miami and South Beach are filled with artists. From performers, to painters and singers, the city is the place to be for anyone who is in the artistic business or just simply enjoy it. I had the pleasure of being invited to a fantastic exhibition hosted by LA Kennedy where I had the chance to dive deeper into her world and find out what truly inspires the artist. La Kennedy's work is the exact translation of art inspiring art. She explores her creativity while sharing her source of inspiration by unleashing amazing and intriguing visual effects to her paintings. The self taught artist from Seattle started painting while living in Los Angeles, California. She draws inspiration from music and great world influencers such as Mohammed Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, amongst other ones. Although Kennedy's work is a visual explosion to the eyes, seeing her work live and in person is an experience that anyone who loves and appreciates art must encounter. Her paintings are meant to be felt and touched, each piece of art speaks with you through the different colors and techniques used by the artist. Her unique ability to use tiny little pieces of sparkly glass to cause a visual effect goes beyond the satisfaction of the eyes and entices you to touch the canvas. However, extreme care is advised when attempting to feel it as the pieces of glasses are very sharp. With that in mind, we can say that Laura’s work is very much like a rose, beautiful but it can hurt when not handled carefully. Now, the most interesting thing about LA’s work is how she uses juxtaposition and high contrast monochromaticity techniques to express her ability to see colors while hearing sounds. Truly, Laura's paintings are more than just a piece of art, they are an illustration of innovation , uniqueness, technique and attention to detail at the highest level. Her work is literally fantasy on a canvas and I am beyond grateful to have been part of such an amazing event.

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