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How to step out of the cave into a more accurate reality

The point of this step is to help you understand that big part of your life will be managing people and whether you do it well or not will determine your success.


If you think you won’t have to worry about managing people, you are wrong. Regardless of how much money you have, there will always be someone in your life whom you will need to manage.


For example, if you don’t manage the people that handles your money, like Wesley Snipes didn’t , you can get in a lot of trouble.

Why? because you are the only one who truly have your best interest at heart. For you to think others do too, it’s naive, unrealistic and it will be very painful for you.


So, don’t leave things up to chance or up to people to get you the results you want.


Gain a broader sense of life and knowledge on the things you do often, whether it is your body, health, wealth, relationship, etc. Remember, you are the only person who will have your best interest at heart.


As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify”. Don’t assume people will do what they are suppose to do, make sure they do what they suppose to do. You can do that by managing them, checking in with them, making sure they have everything they need to accomplish the task at hand.

However, don’t confuse management with control. Control means you are trying to get people to do things that are only in your favor but are not in their best interest to do it. Control is always a win lose situation.


Management is being able to get people to do what you want and they are happy to do it. Management is a win win situation.


But how do you manage people in a way that everyone is happy?


1 - Know what you are delegating

A big part of delegating is knowing what you are delegating . You cannot ask someone to do something that you know nothing about it.


Think about the things you do very often, like change the oil of your car, go to the doctor, home improvements and the such. You should have at least some insight, a little bit of knowledge about it so you know what and how to delegate. 


2 - Trust but verify


This is where the over the shoulder principle by Sam Walton comes into play.

You give a task and walk away and by walking away you are telling the person that you trust them to get the job done.

However, don't stay away forever, come back and check on them, verify they understood your vision. This is also the chance to correct any errors before they are made, introduce education if necessary and even to know more about the person’s capability and method of learning.


3 - Learn how to take the responsibility

First time shame on them, second time shame on you. Have you ever heard of that? 

Well, this saying applies to this third one in this way; if you delegate it correctly, trust and verify and yet no results come through, then shame on them. It is time to get somebody else to do the job.

Now, if you don’t do any of that and you didn’t get results then shame on you.

Learn how to take responsibility, most of the time the real source of the problem is you.


Overall, this step was a great eye opener for me as I always thought if I just paid people the right amount of money to do a job that they would just do it right and how I envisioned without me having to supervise them.

Enjoy the sweet side of life.



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