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My Girl Mary

Hello Mary, How you've been?

You know it's been a tough time for me


I came to see you to let out my pain

You're the only one that can help me in this time of rain


You make me understand, you let me reach out

You're all the support I need, no one else to seek out


My dark thoughs go away when I'm with you

The pain goes too and I'm more forgiving because of you!


Oh Mary, you help me control my evil side

Keeping me at bay, making sure I never slide


Through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad

You were there for me, with nothing to ask


When I thought people had my back

You were always there to show me otherwise


You open up my mind

Help see the things I would never find


And with one single breath, Mary

You show me the world is mine!


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