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Real Estate Tips | Checklist for new home buyers



Buying a new home can be very exciting but in the midst of it all some important things can be forgotten and last thing you want is having to get a hold of the previous buyer to open a door in your own home.


So before the property changes hands, check out this list to make sure these items are transferred with the house.


1 - Owner’s manuals and warranties for any appliances left in the house


2 - Garage door opener(s). 


3 - Extra set of house keys.

Other keys. Think beyond the front doors; do you have any cabinets or lockers built into the home that require keys?


4 - A list of local service providers, such as the best pool maintenance company, yard service, plumber, house cleaners and so on.


5 - Code to the security alarm and phone number of the monitoring service if not discontinued.


6 - Smart home device access. Any devices listed as fixtures need to be reset for the new homeowner. Make sure your account information and usage data are wiped from the device so that they may use it. Check with your device’s manufacturer to find out how to do this.


7 - Numbers to the local utility companies. 


8 - Contact info for the condo board or home ownership association, if applicable.


While some of this information can be attainable on your own, the previous owner or even the realtors who are part of the transaction may have this information readily available if you ask. 


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