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30 days Pinterest Challenge

Join the free challenge and learn about the platform

Are you ready to use Pinterest to gain more exposure and traffic to your business?

Why a Pinterest challenge?

The easier and more efficient way to learn is by doing it! So, by joining the challenge you will get the chance to learn about the platform as well as put into practice everything you'll be learning.

I will be sharing the tools I use to create pins and how I schedule them in advance to save time and guarantee consistency.

Here's what we will be doing:

1 - Create 30 pins that will drive traffic to your website, online store or social media.

2 - Use the Pinterest scheduling tool to schedule pins in advance using:

Catchy titles

SEO friendly description


Pinterest challenge
Pinterest challenge

Get results

like this

Pinterest challenge

Sign up for the challenge today and follow me on Instagram to be added to my close friends circle. Only close friends will have access to the challenge information, tips and pins other members have created.

The challenge will run from July 1st until August 1st and it's absolutely FREE!!! All you have to do is sign up with your name and email and wait to receive the instructions via email. Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@jujugurg3L) and send me a dm " I've signed up for the Pinterest Challenge, please add me to the close friends circle" 

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