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Amazon Prime Day 2019 | How to spot the fake deals

amazon prime day 2019

Amazon prime day is only one day away and the suspense is on for which products will be going on sale.

Don't know what prime day is? I wrote a blog post about it.

Who doesn't love a big sale or a great deal? But did you know that not every deal is really a deal!

What happens is a lot of times companies raise the price of a product right before the sale and then they slash the price to give you the illusion that you are getting a great deal.

So, how do you spot the fake deals when shopping on prime day 2019?

How to spot the fake deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019

1 - Are you really getting the best deal?

Use apps like camelcamelcamel and honey to determine if you are actually getting the best price for that item.

CamelCamelCamel is a free website that lets you track amazon price history, just plug in the item you wish to purchase and they will give you a history of the prices so you can determine whether or not it's really a deal.

Another great tool to help you find out if you are getting the best prices during prime day is honey which is an app or browser extension that helps you find the best prices on a specific item.

With that being said, Amazon will not be the only retailer joining the huge online sales but other companies such as Wal-mart, target , best buy and many others will be participating too. So, you will want to use honey to find out if the product you want has lower price at another retailer.

2 - Watch out for items sold by third parties

There are three different ways the items you buy from Amazon gets fulfilled.

One is by Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon) which is the best case scenario when shopping on Amazon because the items you buy goes hand in hand with all of their return policies and customer service.

The other one is by the merchant (fulfilled by merchant). It's good to keep in mind that while many merchants will comply with amazon's policies, not all of them will so be sure to take a look at that before purchasing the item to ensure you agree with their terms.

The last and worse scenario is fulfillment by third party. This can be fulfillment done by anyone, even a company out of the United States and you are not guaranteed any type same customer service or return on your product. Usually these items are very cheap but they also require a long shipping period. Be aware and stay away from these products.

3 - Lightning Deals

Amazon lighting deals can be very tempting but they aren't always the most popular items. While they are the lowest price item in their category, they may not always be the best one.

So be sure to look at the reviews before purchasing any items on lightning deals and again check honey to ensure other retailers are not having a sale on a similar or same item.

So, there you go, those are the three ways you can spot the fake deals during prime day 2019 and get the best out of your cash.

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