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Prime day 2019 | A guide for moms on how to take advantage of their 30 day free trial from amazon

You may have heard all the buzz about prime day but if you haven't and would like to know more about it, you can check out my blog post on everything you need to know about prime day.

Nevertheless, if you are expecting a baby or you are a new mom, you know the bills can start piling up pretty quickly and every dollar counts.

If you are the type that likes deals and discounts then you are going to want to read this entire post on how to fully take advantage of your 30 day free trial from amazon.

How to take advantage of your 30 day Free Trial

1 - Sign up for the free trial a couple of days before Prime Day 2019

Prime day is a great time to take advantage of all of the deals Amazon will have on baby and toddler items so you will want to make sure you have already subscribed right before the event to ensure you add products to your watch list and get the best prices of the year.

Check out some of the baby items and toys that will be launched that you can add to your watch list.

2 - Sign up for a Baby Registry

When you sign up for a baby registry you will have the option to claim your free baby welcome box and you will also receive a completion discount code so you can save 15% on all items in your registry.

Remember that in order to get the baby welcome box (valued at $35) and free shipping you must be a prime member, so make sure you complete step 1 ( sign up for 30 day free trial) before you even registering for a baby registry.

3 - Get the best out of your Completion code

Amazon sends you a completion discount code a couple of weeks before baby arrives but if you are like most people you will want to have everything ready way before baby arrives

So, what you can do is adjust your due date when registering for the baby registry to as soon as possible that way you can receive your completion discount code within a week or so and get 15% discount on your entire registry!

4 - Take advantage of Prime Day 2019

Prime day will be full of lightning deals and spotlight deals and this year will last for a full 48 hours!

Keep in mind that Amazon is offering better prices than Black Friday and Cyber Monday to its members, so if there is something you know you need or will eventually buy then this is the perfect time.

Be sure to check Amazon's website or App on July 15th and 16th to take advantage of really low prices on most popular and top brand items or you can also come back to our website to find the best deals on prime day.

4 - Add Prime Day Purchases to your registry

Before purchasing items on prime day, be sure to add them to your registry so you can receive credit towards claiming your baby welcome box. Don't quote me on this but if you have a completion discount code you may want to try to use it on prime day along with the already discounted prices.

Check out my article on 11 Baby items to add to your watch list for Amazon Prime day

5 - Claim your free baby box

After following the steps and purchasing an item of at least $10 from your baby registry, be sure to claim your baby box before the end of your trial so you can still be eligible for it without having to pay for an actual membership.

If you have any issue on claiming your welcome box, watch this video I made explaining how to get your free baby box from amazon.

6 - Use your completion discount code

Be sure to use your completion discount code on your registry items before your trial expire so you can take full advantage of being a prime member such as free shipping, free returns and much more.

Finally, if you are already a prime member, check out some of the early access deals going on right now.

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