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How to prepare to buy a home in 8 Steps

how to prepare to buy a home in eight easy steps with juju gurgel a Southwest Florida realtor

Thinking about buying a house? Check out these 8 steps on how to better prepare for one of the most important financial decisions you will probably ever make in your life.

Get pre qualified

Getting pre qualified is a very important step although many first time home buyers don't take the time to do so. It is important to shop around for a mortgage lender that best fit your needs and don't be shy to ask plenty of questions to make sure you understand the home loan process completely.

Are you really ready to move?

Do not miss out on purchasing the home you really wanted to buy because you are uncertain of your decision to move or purchase a home. Many first time home buyers miss a great opportunity for themselves because they didn't act quick enough and when they finally made the decision someone else had already bought it the property.

Find someone you trust

Finding a professional real estate expert whom you can trust and understand your goals and vision is of supreme importance, be sure whoever you hire is on the same page as you and understand your concerns and needs.

Make a good offer

Most likely your offer won't be the only one on the table so be sure to make a good offer that is appealing to the seller and avoid missing out the chance of not buying the property you really wanted because of a low offer.

Factor maintenance and repair costs into your buying budget

Homes require maintenance and up keep, even brand new homes! So, remember to factor in the costs for renovation if necessary and future repairs such as roof, A/C, plumbing, etc., this will help expand your home's life spam.

Thing about the future

You may not even be thinking about selling in the near future but anything can change in 10 years so be sure to think about reselling when purchasing a home. Also, keep the same in mind when doing renovations and what appeals more to the general public rather than just yourself.

Create a home & neighborhood wish list

Create a wish list with all the items you want in your new home and neighborhood. Prioritize the items that are of extreme importance to you. Sharing this list with your Realtor of choice can help them better serve you and your family.

Pick where you want to live

After creating your neighborhood wish list, create a list of a few neighborhoods you'd like to live in. Consider your daily life and how each neighborhood may better benefit you. Couple of thinks to keep in perspective are distance to your current job, nearby schools, public parks and facilities, entertainment and safety.

Now that you have completed these 8 steps, it's time to get to work and find you a home. If you are in the state of Florida send me a message,I would love to help you in the journey of finding your new sanctuary and if you are out of Florida I can certainly recommend you to a colleague that would take good care of you just as I would.

Happy buying and selling!

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