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Denim Inspired Fall Fashion Outfits | Fall Fashion Trends 2022

Easy to style denim inspired fall outfits with affordable finds from Amazon

Fall is right around the corner and denim is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

And if you like to go along with the trends, this years fall fashion trends are calling out for denim, it really feels like we are going back to the 90's.

But whether you are going to brunch, date night or even work, denim can be easily incorporated into any outfit and I got five inspiration below to help you create the exact look you are searching for.

The link to each item is available separately for easy shopping but you can also click on the picture or where it says " shop entire outfit " to be redirected to Amazon where you will be able to shop all of the items in the picture at once.

In case you are looking for more Fall fashion items, there's a full list right here so you don't have to waste your time browsing through Amazon to find the cutest and most loved fall clothing and accessories.

And if you love what you see, please consider giving me a follow on Amazon, it helps me a whole lot and believe it or not, it doesn't cost you anything!

Denim Inspired Fall Fashion Outfits

Here are the five outfits where the focus point is the denim piece.

You will notice that majority of them only features one denim piece and that's the intention, to incorporate one piece of jeans into a fall outfit.

Denim is the perfect piece to add because real jeans is usually heavy and thick which is great to keep you warm during cold fall months.

Minimalist Denim Inspired Outfit

Although this outfit is focused on a simple, minimalist look, the truth is that when you put together leopard print shoes, with the white pants and the denim fitted shirt you get a look that is clean but hard to miss.

Now pairing it with the right accessories is also key and with this one we went a bit more extravagant with the statement necklace and kept it more low key with the other elements.

The final result is a clean, minimalist yet chic look.

Shop by piece

Orange you glad I am wearing denim Outfit

This is such a playful and cute outfit that uses a bold orange color and perfectly pair it with tones of brown and denim.

In this one the light blue denim jacket covers the crop top sleeveless brown top and it also give the orange skirt a nice contrast.

We can't forget to mention that beautiful denim back and gorgeous high knee boots.

The jewelry for this outfit is comprised of silver discreet pieces that helps to highlight the clothing.

Shop by piece

Cowgirl Chic Denim Outfit

Spending a day at the ranch never looked so cute!

Seriously, tell me if this isn't the most adorable fall fashion cowgirl inspired outfit you have ever seen?

The denim dress gives the outfit more of a rough look but when paired with the light pink and white accessories, it softens it up a bit... quite a bit actually.

Now, take a quick look at that purse, can you tell that it's in a shape of a horse's saddle?

To continue to soften up the look we went ahead and added rose gold jewelry to this set.

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Ready for business denim outfit

Whether you are going to work or going to dinner, or maybe both, this denim inspired outfit would fit almost every occasion.

The black and white accessories pairs great with the jean shirt which allows for leopard print to add it's touch to it and of course, any chance we have to add leopard print we shall.

The hat can be removed for a work attire look or added for a brunch date.

Shop by piece

Sporty but girly denim outfit

Who said sporty can't be girly? Whoever said it probably hasn't seen an outfit like this!

Matching a dress to a pair of sneakers can be quite tricky but fall season is the perfect time to match the two together.

In this case, we put together a ruffled t-shirt dress, added a denim 3/4 sleeve jacket and for the shoes we went with a super girly pair of sneakers.

The lock silver jewelry along with the bucket hat broke a bit of the girly-ness of the outfit which made it both sporty and girly.

Shop by piece

More Denim Finds on Amazon

Want more denim? Make sure you check out this list on Amazon that is filled with over 100 denim items. From accessories, to shirts and even shoes.

The picture below is also shoppable, just click on it and you will be directed to Amazon where you can find each piece featured on the photo.


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