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Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

Trendy and chic beach vacation outfit ideas

Hey booskies! I hope you are staying warm this winter but if you are anything like me you are not a big fan of the cold and would trade any cozy day by the fire for a sunny day on the beach.

Best way to escape this freezing weather is by going on a beach vacation somewhere hot and beautiful. My favorite beach vacation, besides my home state of Florida, is the Bahamas, there are so many beautiful islands and the people are so vibrant.

Did I entice you a bit to get on a plane or maybe even on a cruise to escape the cold ? If I did, here are twelve different and trendy beach vacation outfits so the only thing you have to worry about is getting to your plane or boat on time.

Now, I carefully curated each outfit in a way that it can be transitioned from day to night. So, if you are out and about all day, you don't have to worry about going back to the hotel to change.

12 Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

This outfit has a three piece beach swimsuit that when paired with the 3/4 sleeve jean jacket and orange straw hat is such a sexy and chic outfit idea.

Orange starfish earrings / Jeans backpack / 3 piece swimwear / Denim Crop top tie knot / starfish bracelet / orange straw hat / Sunglasses / Orange slip ons / starfish Necklace

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White and lavender beach outfit with gold accents. Believe it or not, the bodysuit is actually a swimsuit! If you are the type who loves to looks glamorous and luxurious even on the beach, this is the best outfit inspiration for you.

Purple Quartz necklace / White bolero / Purple Maxi Skirt / Starfish bracelet / Purple tote bag / White hat / White sandals / White One piece swimsuit / Ray ban sunglasses

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I love this black and white match! The hat along with the pearl jewelry are such a compliment to the outfit.

Black tote bag / Black sunglasses / Pear Bracelet / Black One piece swimsuit / Pearl Starfish Earrings / Beach straw hat / White Shoes / Starfish necklace / Black dress

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Simple and cute red outfit it's a great pick to go from beach to exploring the local areas.

Red slippers / Red Earrings / Red Shirt / Jean Shorts /

Purse / Floral Red Bikini / Red Sunglasses

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Soft Pink and White Boho Chic Beach Resort Outfit it's such a cute option to spend the day at the beach and end the night enjoying a dinner by the water with the white jean jacket to keep your warm from the ocean breeze.

Palm Earrings / White Jacket / Soft pink bikini / Palm necklace /

Floral Dress / Sandals / White Hat / White Beach Purse / Sunglasses

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Hippie vibes Blue and white outfit can easily be a beach or a day outing outfit. That way if you are exploring somewhere and all of the sudden you decide to jump in the beach water, you are totally


Blue Starfish Earrings / Blue starfish necklace / White Glasses / White shirt / White Sandals / White Bag / Blue One piece bathing suit / Blue boho floral pants

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White & Rattan outfit is simply the perfect beach resort outfit. It's cute and elegant and it features all the beach elements like rattan and bamboo.

Bamboo handbag / Rattan necklace / Floral Bathing suit /

White Lace Dress / Rattan Shoes / Rattan earrings / Sunglasses

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This two piece red wine floral outfit has to be one of my favorites. It has all the beach resort vacation vibes; from the " hello sunshine" hat to the rattan purse, this one is a must!

Rattan round bag / Versace Red Sunglasses / Red Wine Floral Two Piece /

Rattan Earrings and necklace set / Red Bikini / Beach hat / Black platform shoes.

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Beautiful Boho chic mint green beach outfit. Perfect outfit to transition from classy beach into fancy dinner.

Green sunglasses / Shell bracelet / Green earrings / Necklace /

Bamboo Purse / Shoes / Green Dress / Green and White Bikini.

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Adorable pink floral outfit features a super cute floral dress and bikini and can be easily transitioned from day to night outfit when you add the 3/4 jean jacket.

Sand dollar Earrings / Pink Sunglasses / Bracelet / Sand Dollar necklace / Jean jacket / Pink sandals / Pink Purse / Pink floral dress / Pink visor / Pink floral bikini

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Nothing screams tropical beach vacation more than palm leaf trees. Now, combine that with boho yellow and green pieces and you have the most comfortable beach and cute outfit!

Yellow shirt / Green Pants / Yellow and green bikini / Green sunglasses /

Yellow Shoes / Rattan Purse / Leaf Necklace / Leaf Earrings

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Leopard print fanatic? No problem! Take your animal instincts to the beach with you and turn heads with this gorgeous outfit idea that matches beach vibes with animal print.

Bangle Bracelet / Leopard Necklace / Champagne gold shoes / Straw hat / Round sunglasses / Cardigan / Leopard print crystal earrings / High waist crochet skirt / Leopard print bikini / straw shoulder bag

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