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5 must have items for a beach vacation

5 items you must have for your beach vacation

Beach days are very fun but they can quickly turn into a disasters if you don’t have the proper items.

As a wife and mother of three, it is my job to think about everything that can possibly go wrong and try to solve it before it happens.

So with that in mind, I have compiled a list of 5 items that makes our beach days go smoother and hopefully will make your beach vacation even sweeter.

Here are the 5 must have items for your beach vacation:

#1 Beach Wagon

I debated purchasing a beach wagon for quite a long time, reason being I always felt they were a bit pricey but honestly, I just didn’t see the value in them.

Three kids later, I totally believe that every penny spent on our beach wagon was worth it!

The tires are designed for the sand so you don’t have to put that much effort into pulling it

It makes so much easier to transport things and kids from the car to beach.

Our beach wagon holds 150 pounds which easily carries our 1 year old, a cooler, and all of our beach stuff such as towels, toys, etc.

#2 Sun Shelter

The reason why I recommend a sun shelter instead of an umbrella is because the shelter provides tons more coverage from the sun than a regular umbrella does.

The Quest Sun Shelter we have is totally covered except for the front so there is no sun rays coming in from the sides.

I'd like to add that my daughter is very fair skinned unlike the boys so we were worried about her being out in the sun all day but thanks to this beach tent, she didn’t even get a tan.

#3 Cooler

Things heat up pretty quickly in Florida and depending where you decide to go to the beach, there may not be an establishment close by where water and food can be purchased so your best choice is to take a cooler.

Make sure to purchase a cooler that is large enough to fit your family needs and also consider how long you will be at the beach.

Consider taking some frozen waters if you plan on staying a while, that way you can still enjoy cold water even hours later.

#4 Plastic Bags

Grocery plastic bags should be just fine ( and better because they are free) but if you don’t have them, any plastic bag or even ziplock bag works.

I recommend taking these for any trash you may have and wet clothes after you and family changes into dried ones.

It is very important to take any and every piece of trash you have, Florida is the habit for many marine life whom depends on clean beaches for survival so please keep that in mind!

#5 Mesh Bag

Not every beach in Florida is shell paradise like the beaches in Sanibel Island, but you never know what you may find so you want to be prepared.

A mesh bag is perfect for shell storage and collecting while you are at the beach as you can easily wash and clean them without losing them to ensure you aren’t bringing any sand home with you.

So there it is, my 5 must have items for your beach vacation. I hope they can also make your life easier and your vacation in Florida smoother!

Also, if you have any tips, please share them I would love to hear them.

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