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Blue Ridge, GA

I have been to different areas in the US and a couple in the Bahamas but like Blue Ridge I have not found yet.

My husband didn't grow up going on vacations and for that reason he always thought it was a waste of money. Well, that was until Blue Ridge lol so much to the point that we have already planned our next trip and we just got back.

If you go during the summer months, there are a lot more stuff to do then if you go during winter but I am from Florida and I don't want to vacation anywhere hot. In Blue Ridge, every drive is a view; creeks and lakes all throughout and mountain view from every angle you look.

We stayed at this beautiful cabin that literally sits on the mountain and it has a pretty steep and scary drive way. I'm not going to lie, at first the road to get to the cabin was pretty scary but I got used to it as my husband drove more and more. Nope, I did not dare to drive there! First, because we rented a big car and I am used to a sedan; second, because I have only EVER driven in flat areas so all that mountain stuff would make me poop on my pants while driving and we didn't want that.

Right side view from second level porch
Panoramic view of cabin living room/dinning room

I checked the county's website for things to do in the area and while most of them are things to be done during the summer ( click here for their 25 things to do in blue ridge) we were able to do and see a couple of things, even though it was Christmas week and raining on and off.

Here are the things we did:

Find a River/creek - The toccoa river runs from blue ridge all the way to tennessee, we could see it from our cabin. Look at these post cards.


Take a hike - On Christmas Day, the day was just absolutely gorgeous in blue ridge that we decided to take a hike around the cabin.

Scenic Train Trail - We didn't get on it but we sure did walk on it and it is beautiful!!! I wish I had consider going on this attraction.

Horse Riding - We found this awesome place called Adventure trail rides. We called about 2 hours ahead to make an appointment. I believe that the reason we were able to do that is because it was a very cloudy day and it was also the day after Christmas. My 6 year old has autism and they did great with him. I didn't ride because I had to stay with the baby but my husband, who had never ridden before, said it was a great experience.

Georgia/ Tennessee line -We just could not find it!!! We went around and around and NADA but I know it's there because other people have found it.

Eat at a local restaurant - we had dinner at Toccoa river restaurant. I saw the pictures online and I just had to see for myself. Boy, am I glad we took the drive up the mountain. It was about 21 minutes from the cabin but to have the view of the toss river as we ate was everything we wanted. The restaurant has access to the river so you can literally walk down and take some great pictures.

Tip: do not expect to be served any alcohol on sundays and don't expect a vast selection of beer and wine either.

We tried to go zip lining but Adventure Zip lining was closed and it looked like they were under construction. It looks like a really nice zip lining park. We also called Zip Lining Canopy Tours but their age limit is 10 year old and up so that was out of the question.

The town has no big traffic and everyone is so nice and polite. They are pretty conservative and only sell alcohol at the gas station by Wal-Mart. My husband tried 2 gas station until he finally decided to listen to the locals.

Overall, our trip was amazing and we would recommend Blue Ridge to anyone who is looking for a great vacation. We also recommend the cabin we stayed, the owner was great and the view was stunning!

If you have any questions about our trip or the cabin, feel free to leave a comment below and I will gladly respond.

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