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12 questions you should consider before moving to a neighborhood

The neighborhood which you live makes a huge impact in your life. First, it determines how far you'll travel daily to accomplish your daily activities but amongst that there are so many other perspectives to keep in mind when choosing where you will live.

The following questions will help you determine the best neighborhood for you and your family.

Is it close to my daily activities?

Make a list of activities you engage in including your place of work. Calculate how far you would have to travel from and back to each location.

Is it safe?

You can check the local police department website for the latest crime statistics. There are also database websites where you can plug in a certain address and it tells you the number of registered sexual offenders living in that area as well as their address.

Be sure to not only look at the current number of crimes but also past numbers to determine whether it is increasing or decreasing. Another important information to look at is the types of crimes that are being committed, are they violent crimes or are they small misdemeanor mostly caused by error or negligence?

Is the local economy stable?

Locate new sources as well as local public department, such as the economic development office, for information and statistics that will help you determine whether or not the local economy is stable.

Also do a drive by and be on the look out for "For Rent" Signs as well as vacant or closed businesses.

Is it a good investment?

Ask a local REALTOR® about the price appreciation for a certain neighborhood to help you make such determination. There might also be other changes coming to the area that your local Realtor may be aware of such a new roads, schools, businesses, amongst other key components that may affect the value of the properties in that neighborhood.

Is it family and children friendly?

If you have children you will want to ensure that your neighborhood is family friendly. Drive by to see if there are any children playing outside, basketball hoops in front yards, and any other signs of children living around.

These types of neighborhood tend to be more family and community driven and usually has more activities engaged towards children.

Is it pet friendly?

Does the neighborhood have sidewalks where you can walk your pet? Are there any dog parks in the neighborhood? How about local pet shops and grooming services?

Do I like what I see? What is the whole aesthetic of the neighborhood? Is it modern or does it have a historic feel? Are there trees and plants ?

Determine exactly what you want and make sure that your neighborhood matches your visual expectation.

Do I like what I smell?

This may not be a very ordinary question at first, but pay attention to the smell within a neighborhood. Do you smell the food of local restaurants? Do you smell rubber burning ? Or perhaps you don't smell anything which can be a great things in most cases.

Pay attention to the smell as that may give you hints of activities going on in the neighborhood.

What are the schools nearby ?

Very important if you have children, but it can most certainly affect resale value. Research the schools within a vicinity and obtain local scores and available programs directly from each one and make your comparison then.

You may also access or contact your local county school department to get more information on each school.

Is it walkable?

Many cities are investing on becoming walkable, so its citizens can enjoy local businesses and eateries regardless of whether they own a car or public transportation is available.

As many cities grow and parking becomes less accessible, living in a neighborhood where you can walk to entertainment, shops and activities is certainly an idea to keep in mind.

Is it close to public transportation ?

Is the neighborhood close to subway stations, bus stops and other means of transportation?

Although you may have a car now, you want to keep these questions in mind for days your vehicle needs maintenance, when you have guests over or even if you decide to not own a car at all.

What is the social life like?

Is the neighborhood located close to shops, entertainment and restaurants? Do these activities fit yours and your family's life style and habits?

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