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Are you tired of hearing from all the social media gurus that promises to teach you everything they know in a webinar but doesn't deliver any valuable content?

Have you sat for two hours in a free webinar only to find out the actual cost of the product was 10x more what you could actually afford?

If you said yes to both of these questions, I totally feel you! I've been there before, I even paid almost $75 for a book, over $100s of dollars in courses and watched several webinars.

Here's what I found out: There is no STRATEGY and everyone is just selling the same thing: Consultation time!

These gurus will never tell you what they actually know and what actually helped them grow their online presence. Some of them was pure luck, they happened to have one viral content that boosted their online presence. Their real goal is to keep you hooked to their services so you will continue to pay for their consultation fees.

How does that help you and your business? Well, it doesn't, doesn't it?! It just keeps you stuck and dependent of the guru. This is why I decided to write this book so I could share as much as what these gurus don't teach you for a price you can actually afford.


I am small business owner and stay at home mother of three, I cannot afford thousands of dollars for someone to keep me dependent on them and I know that that's the case for most people. 

Now, Who exactly is this book for?

Small business owners and brands that want to grow their online presence without having to depends on a social media marketing agency to do it for them. 

What will you learn from this book?

In this book I discuss the different ways you can grow your online presence without investing any money. We'll go into depth of the different social media platforms as well as online directories, review websites and more.

You will also learn how to plan, create and schedule your content as well as the tools many social media marketers use to do the same.

On top of that I am also sharing 10 things that influencer gurus don't tell you and are afraid people like yourself will find out.

And to help you even more, there's a content planner filled with ideas for you to create content all year long.

Online social presence
Online social presence table of content
Social Online Presence Book

Stop letting these gurus waste your time and get the book today for only $9.99 !

As a bonus receive a list of hashtags in over 15 different niches and a list of accounts to tag for maximum exposure in over 15 different niches. Just follow me on instagram and send me a DM saying Send me the list of hashtag and tag accounts.

P.S. - Book webinar with live demonstration coming soon for $19.99. I will be presenting the entire book while physically showing each platform, apps, websites and how I create posts, design, plan and schedule content. It will be pre recorded but paid members are encouraged to contact with me any questions. Questions will be answered at no extra cost at the earliest convenience. This is not an attempt to sell you more services or classes. This webinar alone should be able to provide you with enough information to create and manage your own online and social media presence.

Now, who am I and why am I qualified to speak on the subject?

I am Juju Gurgel, a life style blogger, reviewer and a real estate agent in Florida. I started my social media and online marketing journey about 5 years ago after I got pregnant with my second child and quit my full time job.

I've been learning, experimenting and testing with different platforms and content and i absolutely love it!

I am in the top 1% Google Map Local Guides, Top 20% contributor for TripAdvisors and some of my pictures have been selected by Yelp as high quality photos and even made the cover of some businesses.

I have also had great success with my Pinterest account and while many people doesn't talk about it, I am able to bring quite some traffic just from the platform.

My husband and I also started a couple of facebook groups last year and have had great success, one of them is receiving an average of 30 new members per day! We are estimating to have over 10,000 + new members by the end of this year.


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Facebook Group

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Google Maps

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